Open Table MCC’s Community Connect

Do you understand that Open Table MCC is a progressive Christian church with an affirming ministry for the LGBTQIA+?

Do you affirm, validate, and accept LGBTQIA+ people?

Holy Conversation Guidelines - Please read

I understand that if I'm not 'out', I should change my Zoom username and photo BEFORE logging in.

Open Table MCC's Community Connect
Here is the Zoom Link:
Sorry, we won't let you in for now.
Perhaps a different event, program, or activity of our Church in the future would be valuable for you. Thank you for considering Community Connect. If ever the reason is that, you disagree with what our Church is about, then perhaps a different church or group would best fit your background or needs. Thank you for considering Open Table Church. One or more of your answers show that you are not aligned with our goal of creating a safe space. If you think this is a mistake, feel free to re-take the quiz by refreshing this page.

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Join Open Table MCC’s Online Worship & Community Connect every Sunday, 3:30PM. MCC is a church for all, including LGBT+ people. First timers and guests are much welcome. Add Community Connect to your calendar.

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