Open Table MCC’s Community Connect

Do you understand that Open Table MCC is a progressive Christian church with an affirming ministry for the LGBTQIA+?

Do you affirm, validate, and accept LGBTQIA+ people?

Holy Conversation Guidelines - Please read

I understand that if I'm not 'out', I should change my Zoom username and photo BEFORE logging in.

Open Table MCC's Community Connect
Here is the Zoom Link:
Sorry, we won't let you in for now.
One or more of your answers show that your motives may not be aligned with our goal of providing a safe space. Perhaps a different church or group would best fit your background or needs, or perhaps a different event, program, or activity of our church would be valuable for you. Thank you for considering Open Table MCC. Think this is a mistake? Feel free to re-take the registration form.

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Join Open Table MCC’s Online Worship & Community Connect every Sunday, 3:30PM. MCC is a church for all, including LGBT+ people. First timers and guests are much welcome. Register now!

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