What Type of Pride March Goer Are You?

Why did you decide to go to this year's pride parade?


What are you doing days before the day of pride parade?


What time will you be preparing for this year's pride parade?

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What type of clothes are you wearing on this year's pride parade?


Who are you going with on this year's pride parade?


What will you be holding during the pride parade?


Where will you be going after the pride parade?


What are you most excited about this year's parade?


What do you dislike the most during the pride parade?

What Type of Pride March Goer Are You?
The Placard Holder

You always attend the Pride March with a big ol' sign that maybe says "LGBTQI+ RIghts are Human Rights", or something along those lines. You insist on the tagline: #PrideIsProtest - which is indeed true. For you, participating in the Pride March is participating in voicing out the rights of your fellow LGBTQI+ siblings.
The Extra™

You're not shy when it comes to showcasing our LGBTQI+ identity. Your pride outfit screams rainbow. You look like what candy would look like if it took a human form. And that's not exactly a bad thing! Pride March and Parade is our one day in the year where we can scream out and proud that we are LGBTQI+ and we are not ashamed!
The Discreet

You might not be ready yet to say out loud your LGBTQI+ identity, but you gathered enough courage to participate in this year's Pride March and Parade. And that's okay! Your LGBTQI+ siblings should be proud of you for being here. We all know that it takes a few steps at a time to come out and be proud.
The Social Butterfly

For you, the hardest part of going to this year's Pride March and Parade is deciding which group you should go with, since you know so many groups, and vice versa. You're quite popular with the local LGBTQI+ community, since you volunteer and join so many groups and causes. Good for you!
The Volunteer

You decided that plainly attending the Pride March and Parade isn't enough, and you need to do action more than just attending. In fact, you might not even be able to join the actual Pride Parade since you're too busy in the backstage of it all. But the Pride March and Parade needs people like you in order to be a success. We're proud of you!

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