Community Connect – June 13, 2024

Open Table MCC is a progressive Christian Church in the Philippines, with an affirming ministry for the LGBTQIA+. We are committed in making safe spaces for our participants, and this also applies to our digital spaces, such as our Community Connect Zoom Conference.

Community Connect is a conversational prayer gathering online. For an hour and a half, we encourage and support each other, and we pray with and for one another.

Next Session:
“Kwentuhang Coming Out”
June 27, 2024 / Thursday / 7:30PM Manila Time

Before we give you the Zoom link, we’d like to ask you a few simple questions, to make sure you are aligned with our commitment in making a safe space.

Open Table MCC's Community Connect

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Do you understand that Open Table MCC is a progressive Christian church with an affirming ministry for the LGBTQIA+?

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Do you affirm, validate, and accept LGBTQIA+ people?

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Holy Conversation Guidelines - Please read

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I understand that if I'm not 'out', I should change my Zoom username and photo BEFORE logging in.


Notice: Please be advised that the Community Connect session is created specifically for Filipino participants. Therefore, the program will be done mostly in the Filipino language.

For Closed Captioning: Please make sure that you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your device. Please message the moderator to have the Closed Captioning enabled. Then, in the meetings control toolbar, click the Show Captions (CC) icon. For more information, go here.