Community Connect – November 30, 2023

Open Table MCC is a progressive Christian Church in the Philippines, with an affirming ministry for the LGBTQIA+. We are committed in making safe spaces for our participants, and this also applies to our digital spaces, such as our Community Connect Zoom Conference.

Community Connect is a conversational prayer gathering online. For an hour and a half, we encourage and support each other, and we pray with and for one another.

Next Session:
November 30, 2023 / Thursday / 7:30PM Manila Time

Before we give you the Zoom link, we’d like to ask you a few simple questions, to make sure you are aligned with our commitment in making a safe space.

Open Table MCC's Community Connect

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Do you understand that Open Table MCC is a progressive Christian church with an affirming ministry for the LGBTQIA+?

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Do you affirm, validate, and accept LGBTQIA+ people?

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Holy Conversation Guidelines - Please read

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I understand that if I'm not 'out', I should change my Zoom username and photo BEFORE logging in.


Notice: Please be advised that the Community Connect session is created specifically for Filipino participants. Therefore, the program will be done mostly in the Filipino language.

For Closed Captioning: Please make sure that you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your device. Then, in the meetings control toolbar, click the Show Captions (CC) icon . For more information, go here.