Student Research Policy and Guidelines

For a number of years students have been coming to Open Table Metropolitan Community Church for research by interviewing the Pastor, other leaders and the congregation at large.

We WELCOME the young and curious in producing knowledge through research, particularly that which tackles the issues of sexuality and gender in our Philippine context. We believe in a hopeful future through our curious and eager young learners.

At the same time we want to facilitate and train young researchers in the professional conduct of doing research. Below are our guidelines and policies.

1. Formal Letter of Request

Please provide a formal letter with the following information:

  • School and Names of the researchers, their year, course and which subject the research is being asked (history subject, religion or theology subject?)
  • Title of the research
  • Abstract: What the research is about? Objective of the research? What does the researchers hope to achieve or want to find out (goal)? Possible Output?
  • What information you wish to obtain from Open Table MCC?
  • By What method do you wish to obtain the information? (survey, video interview, audio interview?)
  • Dates when you wish to come to Open Table MCC and conduct your method of data gathering
  • Signatures of the researchers and the signature of their Thesis Adviser or research professor

Send your formal Letter of Request to the email:
[email protected]

Please address it to:

Pastor Joseph San Jose
Administrative Pastor
Open Table MCC

You will receive a response within 24 to 48 hours if sent from Tuesday to Friday. If you send the email on a Friday evening, weekend, Monday, or any Holiday, expect a response the next working day.

2. Interview Questions

Please send to us ahead of time the interview questions or sample survey for the Pastor to prepare or for the congregation to be duly informed.

3. Schedule

Please notify us by sending your letter at least 15 to 20 Business days before coming to our Chapel to conduct the interview or survey for the research. If you just go to our Chapel without prior notice and proper confirmation by us, we will not allow the interview, survey or any other method to happen. You may come at any time as everyone is welcome to worship with us, but without prior notice you cannot conduct your research method.

We are almost always available on Sundays but as mentioned please send us a formal letter and wait for our confirmation of when you are able to come to the Church to conduct your research method.

4. Ask Permission to Take Photos, Videos, and Audio Recording

Not everyone in our Church community are comfortable being photographed and/or put on video. Please respect the privacy and anonymity of individual members and guests. Ask permission first from the Pastor if it is okay to take photos or videos of the worship service. Please ask permission from individuals if it is okay to take their photo, audio or video.

5. Handle Data With Care

As people will be providing you with their stories, experiences, thoughts and ideas, we ask that the researcher/s to take good care of the data gathered and to make sure that it is properly secured. We believe that each human story and experience are “sacred” and must not be used for any other means other than what it was requested for.

6. Agreement of Accurate Presentation

The researchers will sign an agreement of accurate presentation, that they will not use information obtained from the Church and any of its leaders and members against Open Table MCC and any of its leaders and members. The Church may contact the school of the researchers and file a complaint if any material presented by the students or posted in social media are proven to be a misrepresentation of the Church and any of our people. We ask that before you present your final output and before you post any output in social media or even publish them, is to present them first to Open Table MCC for clearance. The Church may also seek any legal recourse should the researchers caused a serious adverse impact to the integrity and image of the Church and its individual leaders and members.

7. Final Paper, Thesis, or Media Presentation

We are also requesting that the researcher/s provide us with the final paper or presentation of the research before presenting it to your school and especially, before posting it in social media so as to ensure there is no issue of misrepresentation of our Church and people or misquoting the Church and any of our people. The purpose is also for us to have are copy and record of your work. It is but right for the Church community to whom the research was conducted to receive a copy of the final output.

8. Donation

As a token of appreciation we ask that the students make a donation to the Church. No specified amount and it is up to the students how much they will give as a donation to the Church.

“for God loves a cheerful giver.”