Volunteer Opportunities

Open Table MCC is always looking for committed volunteers for our church community that has a welcoming ministry for the LGBT+.

If you are a college student, or if you are someone who is looking for a job experience, some of the volunteer positions listed here may be applied for your On The Job Training (OJT) Credits. Simply inquire via email so we can discuss the terms.

Volunteer as a Choir Member or Musician

Become a member of Hapag Rainbow Choir and showcase your musical talent during our worship services every Sunday. We are looking for singers, pianists, guitarists, or other musicians.

Apply Via Email

Volunteer for Video Caption / Subtitles

Put subtitles on our videos on YouTube and Facebook.

Apply Via Email

Volunteer for TikTok Video Editor

Edit short-form videos using TikTok.

Apply Via Email

Volunteer Sign Language Interpreter (In-Person, or via Zoom)

On occasion, we do talks, seminars, and workshops. We are looking for volunteer sign language interpreters for the hearing-impaired attendees of such events.

Apply Via Email

Volunteer Writer

Write and proofread original content for our website and social media.

Apply Via Email

Volunteer Audio Podcast Editor

Edit our weekly audio podcast. Must be knowledgeable in Adobe Audition or similar audio editing software.

Apply Via Email

Volunteer Video Editor

Edit our weekly Sunday worship videos, and other short-form videos to be uploaded on our social media. Must be knowledgeable in Adobe Premiere or similar video editing software.

Apply Via Email

Volunteer Graphic Artist

Edit posters for announcements and events, to be posted on our social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Must be knowledgeable in Adobe Photoshop or similar graphics editing software.

Apply Via Email

Volunteer Website Maintenance

Maintain our website and make sure that all the information are up to date and correct, there are no bugs, there are no missing files or broken links, etc. Must be knowledgeable in WordPress and basic SEO.

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