Metropolitan Community Church Confirms Removal of Filipino Pastor

From the Office of the Moderator
Metropolitan Community Churches
For Immediate Release: 12 October 2012

Officials of Metropolitan Community Churches released a decision on a request for an appeal which confirmed the removal of Ceejay Agbayani from being pastor of MCC Quezon City and de facto resignation of his credentials as an MCC clergy person.

After a series of meetings in the Philippines, Mr. Agbayani decided not to follow the recommendations of the supervising elder, which set in motion his removal from his position as pastor of MCC Quezon City and the de facto relinquishment of his credentials as MCC clergy.

The decision to confirm his relinquishment of his clergy credentials was based on the related guideline in the Metropolitan Community Churches bylaws, which states that when circumstances require it, an Elder “shall have the authority to interface with that church, to take appropriate measures.”


Media contact: Jason O’Neill, Communications Coordinator, [email protected], 1-508-246-8416

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