A Letter from Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, MCC Moderator

1 August 2019

Dear People of God:    The hope, joy, and excitement from General Conference continue to inspire me as we go forward into our future. Thank you to everyone who ministered to the MCC community during the week and to all the local congregations who shared equipment, resources, and space to create a powerful, Spirit-filled experience. Special thanks to Joy MCC in Orlando for their exceptional support and diligence.   The Intentional Transition Team has been working for months to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming Moderator. My personal thanks to Rev. Onetta Brooks, Marsha Warren, Elder Nancy Maxwell, Rev. Wanda Floyd, Rev. Elder Don Eastman and Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez for their thoughtful and thorough preparations. Thank you also to Rev. Kenny Callaghan and Rev. Elder Rachelle Brown who also gave input to this important task.

While there are many more churches and individuals to thank, I want to express my appreciation and respect to Stan Kimer and Rev. Kenny Callaghan for their willingness to stand for election to the Governing Board, and to my colleagues Liz Bisordi and Rev. Elder Tony Freeman for their contributions as Moderator candidates. God has blessed MCC with excellent leaders.   Since coming into office, I have started to work with the different areas of our Fellowship, as I embrace all that it means to serve as your Moderator.   Local Churches For now, I plan to attend Network Gatherings initially, rather than visiting individual churches. I also want to worship regularly with our local churches around the world by joining you virtually. If you stream your worship service live or post a recording of it, please contact Jack Hutter ( [email protected] ) with a link. 
MCC Staff I am meeting with each staff person individually to find out more about their areas of responsibility. This will help me understand the ways in which we are already supporting and collaborating with local churches and church leaders. The staff did a magnificent job to deliver a wonderful General Conference and have made me feel very welcome as the newest staff member.  Council of Elders The Council of Elders (COE) offered pastoral support to the Moderator and Governing Board candidates prior to General Conference, which was much appreciated. In my first meeting with the COE, I confirmed my intention to support and encourage the Council of Elders in their role as MCC’s spiritual leaders. We also discussed ways that the Council of Elders and the Governing Board may work more closely together. Thank you to the Council of Elders for their pastoral presence and their worship input at General Conference.   Governing Board The newly elected Governing Board received two days of training with Rev. Elder Don Eastman immediately after General Conference. The outgoing Governing Board also spent time with us, sharing their experience and wisdom.

During our training, we discussed the Governing Board Charter and MCC’s non-profit status. UFMCC is recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as tax-exempt under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3), and licensed in the state of California. The Governing Board is responsible to ensure MCC is in compliance with all regulations for not-for-profit organizations and religious institutions. While this is inclusive of all countries, local, and state government requirements where MCC has an official presence, particular attention and priority must be given to the USA and California regulations where MCC is licensed.

A joint Governing Board meeting followed on 25 July, when responsibility formally passed from the outgoing to the incoming Governing Board. As we continue to hand over the ministry of governance from one Board to another, it is humbling to remember that all members of the Governing Board are volunteers, giving freely of their time and talents. All our incoming and outgoing Board members are also fully involved in their local churches, as well as serving the wider body.

I want to offer a huge thanks to Rev. Miak Siew, Rev. Onetta Brooks, Dr. David Williams, Marsha Warren, and Rev. Victoria Burson for their service, hard work and commitment on the Governing Board.

At the same meeting, the incoming Board elected its officers.

Mark Godette – Vice Chair Chad Hobbs – Treasurer Rev. Elder Diane Fisher – Clerk Rev. Marie Alford-Harkey James Chavis Clare Coughlin Rev. Alberto Nájera Rev. Paul Whiting   Going Forward One of my goals is to keep you informed about the Fellowship with monthly communications, including a summary of Governing Board meetings soon after each is held.

Additionally, I will collaborate with the staff, Governing Board, and Council of Elders on ways to engage MCC’s global community in building on the hope, joy, and excitement for the future we experienced at General Conference.    I invite you each to start that process now, too. The hopes and dreams that God has for MCC reside in each one of us, so I invite you to do three things:

  • Pray about the issue that most concerns you at the moment.
  • Imagine what success will look like if the issue is addressed well.
  • Decide what steps you personally are going to take to start to address the issue.

I sincerely want to hear about your ideas and how you are making a difference. More information will follow over the next couple of months about how we can all share what MCC is doing around the world.
God bless,

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston Moderator, Metropolitan Community Churches

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