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Good Friday: Is There Good News In The Cross For The LGBT+?

Is there any good news in the cross of Jesus Christ for the LGBTQIA+ individuals, when in truth, the death of Jesus on the cross has been used to oppress us? Rev Joseph Tiu San Jose of Open Table MCC has insights on what it means to be an LGBTQIA+ Christian this Holy Week. […]

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Ulit-Ulitin Mo: Mahal Ako Ng Diyos

Deep silence leads us to realize that prayer is, above all, acceptance. When we pray, we are standing with our hands open to the world. We know that God will become known to us in the nature around us, in people we meet, and in situations we run into. Prayer creates that openness in which […]

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God’s Gentle Whisper

We know there is some connection between prayer and silence, but if we think about silence in our lives, it seems that it isn’t always peaceful – silence can also be frightening. Just as there are two nights, there are two silences: one is frightening, the other peaceful. For many silence is threatening. They don’t […]

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