Founders MCC’s “Controversial” Nativity Scene Speaks a Powerful Message

Founders Metropolitan Community Church in Los Angeles, the founding church for the Metropolitan Community Churches around the world, sets up a nativity scene that takes direct aim at the separation policies of the southern borders of United States.

It is jarring, but also thought-provoking. Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, on display in front of Founders MCC, with a powerful message about the separation of migrant families at the southern border.

“Deportation”, “for adoption”, and “detention” are not words you would normally associate with the nativity scene. But Pastor Keith Mazingo says that is precisely his point.

It was also done last year, but did not get that much attention because it wasn’t where many people could see it. Now, it’s located right beside the sidewalk.

“It’s not just a visual, it’s not just the cages. It’s the chains that bind us,” explains Pastor Keith.

Lately, the issue has fallen off of the front pages of US newspapers. Some have maybe momentarily forgotten the border situation.

“[Some may say] this is just a political statement, no it isn’t,” adds Pastor Keith. “How are we supposed to treat refugees among us? Putting them in cages is not the way.”

That’s the message Founders MCC is conveying this holiday season. If it were today, the holy family will be considered as refugees, or outcasts, searching for better, with little more than hope and faith to guide their way.

Claremont United Methodist Church also has a similar nativity scene display in front of their own church.

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