Holy Week and Easter During Quarantine

We remain faithful and hopeful to the One in whom we live, breath and move. We continue to cast our fears, concerns and grief to the One who passed thru suffering and death.

The passion story of Jesus tell us that God knows our pain because God through Christ experienced rejection, torture and death; the most painful death, death on the cross. Jesus suffers and weeps with us.

Even as we observe in prayer and remembering the story of Jesus, we remain in our homes in compliance to the continuing Quarantine that hopefully ends by April 14.

As such, Holy Week falls between April 5 (Palm Sunday) all the way to Resurrection Sunday of April 12. April 9 is Maundy Thursday. April 10 is Good Friday.

Like every Church denomination and local parish, Open Table Church will not have any physical gathering during the sacred week.

However, we will try our best with whatever resource we have to provide online content or fellowship. We will still publish an Easter Preaching which will be delivered by Danielle Dy Liacco.

We will celebrate Easter on the first Sunday that we are all able to gather together in our chapel in Mandaluyong City. Whenever that date would be.

As soon as mobility and travel has been allowed, we will try to do what we can and give what we are able to whatever others need, either in poor communities or with medical frontliners.

In our personal and online-community observances of Holy Week, let us continue to lift up in prayer the whole world during this time of Pandemic. Our Easter hope and prayer is for the development and release of vaccine, treatment and cure against this Corona virus.

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