Open Table MCC Stands with NCCP

Historically, when the Church and individual Christians work with and speak for the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized; when it challenges the powers & principalities of this world, the same powers will attack & persecute the Church.

The powers will attack, shame and even kill but history tells us that the Church and Christ’s Gospel has withstand empires, kings and tyrants.

Open Table Church stands with and for the National Council of Churches in the Philippines against the false and malicious branding and attacks by the AFP, PNP and the Duterte Administration.

We enjoin our voice, prayers and resolve with NCCP to always remain firm in our common commitment to the Gospel of justice and peace.

In the name of Christ who was crucified by empire, yet rose again. AMEN.

Stop the attacks.

Hands off NCCP.

We stand with NCCP.

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