#TransLivesMatter: Transgender Day Of Remembrance 2022

Prayers by Rev. Joseph San Jose
List of names sourced from https://tdor.translivesmatter.info/reports
List of names prepared by Rhick Esteves
Recording by Stanley Teh
Videography by Christopher Celeste

Each year the LGBTQI+ community in many places mark November 20th as Transgender day of Remembrance (TDOR) where we remember and raise our voices for the countless fallen transgender and gender queer individuals who were tortured, murdered, raped, died of suicide or died because of poverty and homelessness in a society that would rather not have them.

There have been 390 reported  and recorded deaths of transgender individuals covering October 2021 to September 2022 globally (19 less than the previous year), majority of which come from Latin American countries, highest of which is Brazil at 107 individuals killed or died of suicide. This information was taken from the website – https://tdor.translivesmatter.info/reports

But we know that in reality there are many more who were and are not reported or known. Some of those in the list were nameless. TDOR reminds us of the real and present danger of being transgender or gender queer in many places especially in developing countries such as the Philippines and many Latin American countries and in Islamic states like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Pakistan as well as in the Arab and African nations. We are also reminded of the many other struggles of transgender people with the lack or limited economic opportunities and social services while experiencing continuous discrimination and facing the constant threat of violence everywhere. Open Table MCC as part of the 1st and oldest Christian denomination founded on the acceptance of LGBTQI+ people, we share in the sorrow and the indignation for the murder of our transgender sisters, brothers and siblings. From the 390 reports we have listed 70 names, representing all reported countries.

Let us Pray: Holy and Loving One, we lift up to you these names of our transgender siblings and doing so remember them. We lift up to you their names, their stories, their struggles and their horrible death. No one should ever be abused and murdered because of their gender identity and expression yet this is the reality of our world today. And so we pronounce some of their names in solemn remembrance:

Alex Bastien10TransmanSaint-Jérôme, Quebec (Canada)Suicide
Asher Garcia14TransmanFrazee, Minnesota (USA)Suicide
Sasha15Transman / Pride VolunteerCatania, Sicily (Italy)Suicide
Ace Scott15TransmanKansas City, Missouri (USA)Not reported
Emma Boland15TranswomanBampton, Oxfordshire (United Kingdom)Suicide
Felis Joy16TranswomanChișinău (Moldova)Suicide
Renata Cavalcante also known as Renata Ferraz16TranswomanSão José de Espinharas, Paraíba (Brazil)Stabbed
Serena Brenneman16TranswomanSalem, Oregon (USA)Suicide
Gabi Mattos17TranswomanAracaju, Sergipe (Brazil)Shot
Marcela Gomes Fonseca17TranswomanJuína, Mato Grosso (Brazil)Suicide
Ariyanna Mitchell17TranswomanHampton, Virginia (USA)Shot
Khay AbdulgajirTranswomanTawi-Tawi, Bangsamoro (Philippines)Stabbed
Vergel Catalonia Tumicad24TranswomanIlagan, Isabela (Philippines)Beaten
Estee Saway38TranswomanBangued, Abra (Philippines)Shot
Saima47TranswomanKarachi, Sindh (Pakistan)Burnt by acid
Yakki Nájera46TranswomanReynosa, Tamaulipas (Mexico)Beaten and burnt
Sarahí Atenea also known as Saray Ramos Izaguirre31TranswomanColima (Mexico)Tortured
Bárbara WaimaranTranswomanEl Jícaro, El Progreso (Guatemala)Tortured
Yessi Montero34TranswomanNautla, Veracruz (Mexico)Tortured and shot
Amy WinehouseTranswomanTegucigalpa, Distrito Central (Honduras)Tortured and murdered
SoniTranswomanPatna, Bihar (India)Shot
Usha RaniTranswomanPatna, Bihar (India)Beaten and Shot
Doski Azad23TranswomanDuhok (Iraq)Shot
HanarTranswomanMariwan, Kurdistan (Iran)Suicide
BuntyTranswomanTaxila, Punjab (Pakistan)Stabbed
S.TranswomanPeshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)Shot
CoconutTranswomanMardan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)Shot
P.32UnknownBengaluru, Karnataka (India)Stabbed
I.35UnknownLahore, Punjab (Pakistan)Stabbed
SheezaTranswomanDera Ismail Khan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)Shot
Thiraphong Lamluea31TranswomanPrasat, Surin (Thailand)Beaten
Sabrina Houston37TranswomanTalinn, Harju (Estonia)Stabbed
ZoyaTranswomanIndore, Madhya Pradesh (India)Strangled
Nila24TranswomanDhaka (Bangladesh)Stabbed
Anika23TranswomanBengaluru, Karnataka (India)Beaten
M. Shiekh32TranswomanGurugram, Haryana (India)Stoned
Ashu23UnknownTalegaon Dhamdhere, Maharashtra (India)Beaten
Akshitha20TranswomanSalem, Tamil Nadu (India)Beaten
BijleeTranswomanKarachi, Sindh (Pakistan)Strangled
Panimalar31TranswomanParangipettai, Tamil Nadu (India)Beaten
Toffe19TranswomanKarachi, Sindh (Pakistan)Clinical neglect
SherlyTranswomanKarachi, Sindh (Pakistan)Clinical neglect
LovelyTranswomanJashore, Khulna (Bangladesh)Stabbed
Luo21TranswomanWuhan, Hubei (China)Stabbed
ManoTranswomanPeshawar, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)Shot
ChaandTranswomanMardan, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)Shot
Sameera IftikharTranswomanMansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (Pakistan)Shot
Atena Queiroz da Silva19TranswomanSanta Cruz do Capibaribe, Pernambuco (Brazil)Stoned and stabbed
Rany Fada19TranswomanBelém do São Francisco, Pernambuco (Brazil)Stoned
Paulinha Ferrara31TranswomanTimon, Maranhão (Brazil)Stoned and stabbed
Sofia Gisely22TranswomanFortaleza, Ceará (Brazil)Stoned
Za’niyah Williams21TranswomanHouston, Texas (USA)Run over
Matthew Angelo Spampinato21TransmanNew Castle, Delaware (USA)Run over
Suany Maradiaga31TranswomanSan Pedro Sula, Cortés (Honduras)Run over
C. A. Castillo Morales35TranswomanCuernavaca, Morelos (Mexico)Run over
Milena23TranswomanSerra, Espírito Santo (Brazil)Stabbed and run over
J. L. da Silva18TranswomanSão Bento do Una, Pernambuco (Brazil)Shot
Kai Khan18TransmanGreat Bend, Kansas (USA)Suicide
Amani Frieden18TranswomanAracaju, Sergipe (Brazil)Suicide
Estefani Rodrigues Soares18TranswomanNatal, Rio Grande do Norte (Brazil)Stabbed
Kathryn Newhouse19TranswomanCanton, Georgia (USA)Shot
Nicoly19TranswomanVarginha, Minas Gerais (Brazil)Suicide
Gael Pandinho19TransmanMacapá, Amapá (Brazil)Suicide
Alicia DíazTranswomanEnsenada, Baja California (Mexico)Throat cut
Haley Gabriella Feldmann19TranswomanBeach, North Dakota (USA)Suicide
Apinat Plookpluem24TranswomanBan Sang District, Prachin Buri (Thailand)Throat cut
Salomé38TranswomanPando, Canelones (Uruguay)Stabbed
Kitty Russo38TranswomanCativá, Colón (Panama)Shot
Zehava22TranswomanHaifa (Israel)Suicide
Elise Malary31Transwoman / ActivistEvanston, Illinois (USA)Drowned

And we remember and include in this holy remembrance the rest of the 390  transgender individuals who died or were murdered. We include in holy remembrance all those other transgender individuals whose names and stories that were never reported and listed but are known to you, eternal One. They who have experienced such horror in this world may now experience love and acceptance in your eternal embrace.

In their memory and for the sake of other transgender individuals here and everywhere, inspire us and push us to be in constant solidarity with the transgender community. With this remembrance and realities, call us and strengthen us to continue to offer safe spaces for them and deliver messages of inclusion and hope for transgender and gender queer individuals. Push us and move us to share in their movement for social justice, legal protection and equal rights. This is our prayer and may all our prayers lead us to action in and through the name of all our fallen brethren and Jesus Christ, who died with and for them. Amen.

Give them justice oh, Lord for their blood cries out to you from the earth!

The joy and love they have not experienced here, grant unto them in your eternal home.

Where there is no longer hatred, shadow, illness nor death.

May your perpetual light shine upon them, always!

And may they rest in your everlasting peace.

Sya nawa. Amen.

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