Where Is The Church And What Can It Do?

Earlier our Church community had our online fellowship and holy conversation. This Sunday’s topic or question:

What can we do individually and as a Church in this challenging times?

We are reminded that the word “Church” means people. Church is not the priest, bishop or pastor. It is all of us. We recognized our limitation as a small Church community who are right now separated and equaly quarantined even as we are committed to embody and express God’s love to those in need. We admit that we are limited at this time and for now the best we can do individually and as a small Church are the following:

  • Constantly check each other since we have some level of privilege to do so.
  • To be aware of our LGBT network; our church friends nearest our area so that should the need arises, we know who to reach out to.
  • Continue the 8:00pm daily collective prayer
  • Donate to charitable institutions as the best way to help.
  • Continue the Sunday Community Connect to still have some semblance of normalcy. It is a good way to stay spiritually connected.
  • Do not spread fake news but rather spread correct and credible information for awareness.

We commit to respond and participate more actively when social mobility is already possible; the same may we did during the Taal relief efforts.

We are a Church and we are individual members of it. We will continue and do what we can one day at a time, even as we are small and limited.

God help us all.

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