Woe To You Hypocrites! On Pura Luka Vega’s Arrest

Genuine faith should not be threatened by anything let alone by a drag performer. Genuine faith should not even seek to punish because the faith they claim to be defending is based on grace, or perhaps they have forgotten that?

If offending religious feelings is indeed a crime then a significant number of pastors and other christians-kuno are guilty a thousand times over because of how they constantly insult, ridicule, and demonize each other and anyone else who does not subscribe to their version of Christianity or religion.

A lot of Christian Pastors and individual Christians are demonizing and insulting Roman Catholics specially during the Feast of the Black Nazarene. Some Catholics still see protestants as heretics or as separated brethren. Different Christian churches and leaders calling other religions as false or diabolical. It is so easy to find videos of disrespect and hatred against other religions online. You can even find videos of protestants smashing Catholic statues and icons.

You can find some videos of people burning the sacred scripture of another. You can find pastors, and nowadays some Catholics, calling the current Pope as the devil or the anti-christ.

The ones who wish to legally punish a drag performer and those who rejoice in such a punitive response are themselves guilty. Their hypocrisy convicts them first. Not to mention that this entire legal circus is stupendously idiotic and outrageously absurd.

Woe to you hypocrites of today, homophobic scribes, and modern day teachers of the law who wish to convict and crucify a powerless drag performer but are silent towards the real injustices and oppression of our land. Woe to you who are ready to devour one queer person but turn a blind eye against the corruption and inequality around you. Woe to you and to the mob who supports you.

Woe to you in the name of Jesus Christ who denounced the likes of you some 2000 years ago.

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