Paskong Tugunan

The Jewish and Christian stories of faith are about God responding to the call and outcry of the people. Central to the Jewish faith and covenant is the story of God responding to the outcry of the slaves in Egypt. Central to the Christian faith and hope is the God who heard the cry of the people for the promised Messiah.

But God’s response is also God’s calling and request. In God’s response to the slaves, God called Moses and told him to lead and set free the slaves – God’s people – in Egypt. In God’s response to the promised Messiah, God called and asked Mary and Joseph; Elizabeth, Zachariah, the Magi of the East, the shepherds, and many other people in different situations and different ways.

Christmas is the story of people. People responding to God’s call as much as God’s response to our call. Pagtugon sa pakiusap at pagtawag ng Diyos, habang and Diyos rin ay tumutugon sa ating pagtawag at pagtangis.

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