2020 Theme: Christ In Me, Christ Through Us

Open Table Church is a progressive Christian Church and we believe that who we are and the spiritual practice of our faith should be based on the one we follow and believe to be the Christ, Jesus of Nazareth. Our faith-community, diverse in so many ways yet gathered together, are formed and informed by the life, teachings, and mission of the same Jesus Christ.

Therefore, this year of 2020, we wish to renew our lives and our community in the spiritual reality that the Apostle Paul preaches – “Christ lives in me”. As individuals, we claim and re-orient our lives to the Christ who lived a life of mission, compassion, inclusion, and passion for social justice. Paul also believed and taught that more than Christ living in each individual, is the same Christ that is alive through the gathered body, the Church.

We understand that our individual lives as Christians can only grow and serve when we are together – “Christ through us”. That together we are the eyes and ears, hands and feet of Christ that sees and listens, touches and serves our world.

Let us open 2020 with our faith and hope in Christ Jesus who lives in each one of us and who serves through us.

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