Let Us Pray and Work for Peace

With the assassination of a top military leader of Iran, the world is under threat of another war between the US and Iran. Currently, there is still an ongoing war-conflict in Yemen. Syria remains to be torn apart by war and violence. Some called the Syrian conflict a proxy war between the US and Russia-Iran. Iraq continues to struggle with the remnants of the war that was brought to them where countless innocent lives and communities were lost; a war that was based on lies.

No one wins a war except those who profit from it through the sales of weapons and through the taking of resources of the invaded country. Surviving children are orphaned and traumatized. Parents bury their children. Wives and husbands are widowed. Families and communities are torn by death, injury, and destruction.

The world is already torn and hurting with so much conflict and also with climate change. We CANNOT ALLOW another war to happen.

As followers of the Prince of Peace, we must pray that world leaders and governments, no matter how flawed and broken, will choose diplomacy and peace. As followers of the Christ born not in power but in humility, we must demand our governments to compel the conflicting nations to de-escalate the situation and stop further aggression.

Let us all pray and work together for peace based on justice.

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