To Pray is a Christian Imperative

Prayer is not telling a genie your wishes. Over time as our spirituality grows (should it grow), we realize that prayer is more about immersing our innermost selves in the Divine reality, that repeatedly becomes a process of confronting who we really are before the One who knows every hair in our body.

As we grow in prayer and spirituality, it becomes more difficult to pray because as we go deeper., we are forced by the process to deal with all of our brokenness and the brokenness of the world. Prayer becomes difficult because the questions we ask towards God are thrown back at us to wrestle with.

Hence, prayer is a fundamental practice in spirituality because true spirituality is not only joy, it is also the hard and difficult process of healing our wounds, expelling inner ‘demons’ and being pushed by the spirit to be the living answer to the desperate prayers of the hopeless and the outcast, which often than not, we don’t want to do.

by Ptr. Joseph Tiu San Jose

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