Does God Need Our Worship?

God doesn’t need to be worshiped. God does not need it. God, like the earth will continue long after humans are gone. Probably, God and the earth are better of without humans. God was when there was nothing. God will long after everything becomes nothing.

Our worship practices are human needs, not God’s. The prophets have always reminded us that our ritual worship is meaningless if our lives do not reflect what God truly requires, justice, compassion and love. Ritual is but a way of touching an insignificant and tiny portion of what we consider as Divine. It is our way of making sense of the deeper and greater meanings of life and the world around us. Rituals are communal expressions to expound on life and death and everything in between. Ritual worship is necessary and meaningful only when it uplifts the life of people and communities. When such liturgies help us to see the world as God does and challenges all of us to realize the vision of a world in harmony.

God does not require worship. God requires community. God is self sufficient and self giving experienced only through a community of love and acceptance.

One could even say that ritual worship when done right, is God’s response to us as much as we try to touch the veil of God.

We need it as humans. May such need be practiced as a mere supplement of what it truly means to worship God through justice and peace.

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