5 Ways Miss Universe 2018 Opens Conversations on Social, Cultural, and Political Issues

Congratulations to the new Miss Universe, Catriona Gray. And congratulations to Miss Spain, Angela Ponce. You are both winners in the hearts of many.

Beyond the pageantry of Miss Universe 2018, we have been awakened to 5 important social, cultural and political issues:

  1. There is a continuing work for SOGIE Education & awareness of the struggles of trangender persons as well as the intersectionality of justice-work. We need to educate all the more, our very own LGBTQI+ Community on these things.
  2. We must reflect and be critical on the final answer of Ms. Universe Catriona Gray – Beyond smiles & gratefulness – we must see the reality of slums & the socio-political structures that cause poverty & oppression. Finally seeing the plight of the poor, we ask ourselves, what are we going to do about it long after the glitz and glamour have died down? How can we be in solidarity with them in real and concrete ways?
  3. We learned that English is not a superior language. English is not a sign or a barometer of intelligence and that those who think that it is, are the ones who need to educate themselves and be made aware of a bigger & more diverse world.
  4. That all women and all people are beautiful and of equal worth. Women have dignity and beauty, and they come from all kinds of shapes, sizes, languages, sexual orientation, gender identity, social class, sectors, colors, races & many many more.
  5. Pageantry is anything other than the glitz and glamour. We must see beyond the pageantry and see with feminist and critical queer eyes on systems and structures that limit and box women, and all persons to a small definition by a few.

The pageantry is done, the crown has been won, now let us begin the work of creating true beauty in this world as seen through the eyes of God; a world where everyone is treated with respect and dignity, all are included and loved.

by Ptr. Joseph Tiu San Jose

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