International Women’s Day 2019

(Photo of Commander Liwayway who repelled Japanese occupiers)

The commemoration of women’s day is not just the celebration of the many victories and successes of women’s movement across the world, but more than that is the recognition of the continuing struggle of women against the widely prevailing and new forms of hetero-patriarchy & misogyny collaborating with globalization & imperialism.

Despite advances, many women globally continue to experience rape and domestic violence. Women are still paid less than their male counterparts. We need more women clergy & religious leaders in various churches and other faiths. Transwomen are the most struggling & the most vulnerable. War, hunger, exploitation, human trafficking, and many more continue to plague women and girls around the world.

The freedom, dignity and rights of LGBTQI+ persons are inescapably tied to the overall freedom of women. The freedom of our sisters, mothers, grandmothers and friends is our own. 

We can all be free only if we join hands together and clench our fists walking forward against systems and structures that oppress us all. 
Our solidarity and highest praise to all women and the women’s movement!

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