Thank You, Filipino American Maharlika Association (FAMAS)

We want to express our utmost gratitude and appreciation to Filipino American Maharlika Association (FAMAS) in Hawaii, USA, who have generously contributed and shared to Open Table MCC some of their resources that the Church allocated towards our new Church Sanctuary. We extend our appreciation and gratitude to the board leaders of FAMAS, especially to their president, Mr. Romeo Aguinaldo Garcia and to Miss Maharlika USA Pageant Chairperson & Director, Mr. Lawrence Gantala Patricio.

An actual space for community, prayer, and worship is vital for the shared life and mission of LGBTQI+ Cristians and allies; it is a place where we can gather together to foster friendship, nurture and support each other and from where we base our mission going outside and towards the peripheries. Through your generosity, we will be able to do greater work, service, and outreach for all people, especially amongst our LGBTQI+ community and for persons living with HIV and AIDS. Yet we also ask for your continued prayers for our leaders and the whole congregation to persevere with hope and joy in the mission that God has entrusted us to do in this part of the world.

May the One God who called us and the Christ whom we all follow continue to bless you all as you continue to be a blessing to so many others in your community and the world, and may the Holy Spirit be ever present in each of you always. Amen.

Pastor Joseph San Jose
Administrative Pastor, Open Table Metropolitan Community Church

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