Equality is Political

Demanding laws that promote equal protection and recognition is political.

Demanding laws that protect and recognize Transgender persons is political.

Demanding the passage of the SOGIE Equality Bill into law is political.

Demanding Marriage Equality for LGBT couples and their families is political.

Changing hearts and minds regarding human sexuality and gender identity is political.

Pride Marches has always been and will always be political and a form of protest.

Drag and Drag performances are political.

Forming LGBTQI+ Communities, organizations and networks, is political.
LGBTQI+ advocacy, activism and spirituality are political.

Coming out as LGBTQI+ is political.

The fight for our rights, dignity and freedom has been and will always be political. All injustices have been fought with protest.
All human and civil rights that we have so far have been achieved by activism.

Pantay na karapatan at pagkilala ng LGBT ay pinaglalaban at tinitindigan. Eto ay makakamit lamang kung bawat isa ay magkakaisa, mag-aambag at makikielam.

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