Adarna School of Transformation

Adarna School of Transportation - Mind, Body, SpiritOn pre-selected dates, MCC Quezon City will conduct its first Sunday School Series on Queer Spirituality.

Different aspects of spiritual discipline will be fruitfully discussed, in the context of being LGBT+. Such topics will include the spiritual discipline of “coming out”, as mentioned by Rev. Elder Mona West. In the past, we have discussed this topic as a way of sharing our coming out stories. Through this Sunday School Series, we shall look at the spiritual power of this process.

Scheduled Dates:

Venue will be at MCC Quezon City Center

  • September 6 , 2015 – 3:00PM
  • September 20, 2015 – 3:00PM
  • September 4, 2015 – 3:00PM
  • October 11, 2015 – SPECIAL Adarna Event:
    • 12:00PM – Makati Meet-up and Lunch Fellowship. Meeting place is Buendia MRT Station.
    • 1:00PM – Travel to the venue, Barangay Carmona.
    • 1:30PM – Adarna Field Education
    • 3:00PM – Ecumenical Service on Justice led by MCC
    • 4:00PM – Travel back to MCC Quezon City
    • 5:00PM – Regular Sunday Worship Service at MCC Quezon City Aurora-Cubao Church. 3rd Part on Coming Out Series.

Everyone is welcome to join this interactive discussion. MCC is a community for all, including the LGBT+ people. The class starts on time, so everyone is advised to come early. For instructions on how to get to our center, click here.

Join Open Table MCC’s Online Worship & Community Connect every Sunday, 3:30PM. MCC is a church for all, including LGBT+ people. First timers and guests are much welcome. Register now!

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