Amplify 2013: Inspiring Workshops & Tatak Pinoy Performance

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June 8 is day two of Amplify 2013 in Hong Kong. Exciting workshops were conducted such as the:

  • Self-Image, Self-Esteem and Sexual Identity by Rev. Anthony Venn-Brown
  • Living Out My Faith in this Connected World by Ps. Gary Chan & Ps.Jorg Dietzel
  • How can Gay-Friendly Churches Develop International Relationships with Outside Communities? by Tong Kwang Lighthouse Presbyterian Church
  • Hong Kong’s Big Love Alliance and Rainbow Covenant Movement by Dr. Rose Wu
  • Every Wall Has A Door by Rev. Cindi Love
  • Radical Love: The Queerness of Christianity by Rev. Dr. Patrick Cheng
  • Fuel for the Journey: The Journey of Social Justice, Serving God and Others by  Rev. Miak Siew
  • At the Intersections of Being: Chinese, Gay and Christian by Rev. Ngeo Boon Lin
  • The Women’s Circle by Ms. Pearl Wong
Photo courtesy of Cesar Patrick Bonales of ECOG.

The Pinoy experience in Amplify 2013 was highlighted today by a special performance of the Filipino delegates. They sang “Tanging Yaman” to a room packed with delegates from different Asian nations. Here’s the clip, courtesy of Rev. Anthony Venn-Brown of the Ambassadors & Bridge Builders International (ABBI):

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