Jesus Has COVID-19

Jesus has Covid-19.

Jesus is the one battling for his or her life in hospitals or quarantine facilities at this very moment.

Jesus is the mother who died and cremated alone without family and friends around.

Jesus is the nurses, doctors and medical staff on the front lines risking their life while trying to save lives.

Jesus is also the same nurse, doctor or medical staff who got infected and who died.

Jesus is every elderly person who needs assistance and greater protection.

Jesus is every person living with HIV who fears for their life.

Jesus is the day laborer who has “no-work, no pay”.

Jesus is the street vendor whose livelihood is in jeopardy.

Jesus is every poor family who has no resources to deal with this health crisis.

Jesus is the informal settler living in a congested area.

Jesus is the homeless that never reached our politicians’ minds.

Jesus is also the scientists who made an affordable and faster test kit.

Jesus is also the researchers trying so hard to come up with a vaccine.

Jesus is every person who have survived and lived.

Jesus is you and me…

both vulnerable and at risk;
both living and dying;
both serving and sacrificing;
both giver of hope and healing.
Jesus is in our midst. Jesus is all of us.

Now. Always.
Until Jesus Comes Again.

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