Modern-Day Idolatry? A Progressive Christian Perspective

Religious idolatry today. Rigid obsession and absolutism.

Rigid obsession for tradition deemed as absolute is idolatry. Rigid obsession for a single and absolute interpretation of or any scripture is idolatry. Rigid obsession for Church hierarchy as absolute mediators is idolatry. Rigid obsession for one and only form of worship is idolatry.

Idolatry is a rigid obsession to a single and absolute understanding, definition and expression of God and God’s relationship to the world. God has ordained in creation diversity and plurality; not a single rock, grain of sand or snowflake was ever formed exactly the same; Every insect, bird and fish and every single human life are each unique and different. To think and define God only within one particular religious definition is the true blasphemy.

If you say God is only father because doctrine says so, that is idolatry. God is also mother, parent and nurturer. If you say God is only male, that is idolatry. God is both male and female and everything in between and beyond, and not any of those all at the same time.

If you say God is only white, that is idolatry. God is also black, red, yellow, blue and all and every color, shade and hue.

If you say God can only be worshiped in stone cold cathedrals, that is idolatry. God is worshiped in every house, temple and chapel of prayer. God is worshiped in every mountain, valley, river and forest and in every other star and galaxy beyond.

God is present in every street corner, shanty and dump site, in every prison, cage and death chamber.

This is not to say that we cannot appreciate and celebrate our own definition, liturgy and expression of God. We can, and we should, but neither should we impose them to others or hate and malign others who do not believe exactly as we do.

Therefore, the first sign of idolatry is when a person feels the unrelenting need to defend their version of God and impose it to a secular world. The second is the inability see God beyond his own limited and limiting definition.

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