Pastor Joseph Goes to USA for Leadership Training

2019 August 7:

Pastor Joseph participates in the leadership program of Community Solutions in Washington D.C.. He is joined by Carl from Iloilo City and Sittie from Marawi city, together with 70+ other participants from around the world.

Pastor Joseph’s focus is on LGBTQI+ youth and students under Women and Gender thematic. He will be spending much of his program time with his host organization, Resurrection MCC in Houston, Texas.

2019 August 18:

Pastor Joseph was asked to celebrate and officiate communion this Sunday in the 9:00AM and 11:00AM worship service of Resurrection MCC.

Pastor Joseph participicates in the Community Solutions Program along with 77 other participants from all over the world. Pastor Joseph’s placement is with Resurrection MCC in Houston, Texas which is led by its senior pastor, Rev. Troy Plummer Treash.

Along with this, pastor Joseph is working on to complete his requirements and the process of his ordination. He will be back by second week of December.

2019 August 25:

In the section of the worship “a call to offer ourselves”, Pastor Joseph San Jose gave a short testimony to introduce himself and Open Table MCC to the congregation of Resurrection MCC.

The video presentation of “I Am MCC” featuring members of Open Table MCC was shown during the worship service in Resurrection MCC.

2019 October 7:

Pastor Joseph San Jose was asked to do a preaching for Resurrection MCC, as part of his community participation.

His preaching is entitled “Sin, Gospel, and The Door.”

2019 November 17:

Pastor Joseph San Jose was asked again to do a preaching for Resurrection MCC.

His preaching is about the queer challenges of Ruth and Naomi.

He still has some oversight of Open Table Church, but for the time he is away, the Board of Open Table is responsible for the pastoral and sacramental life and ministry of the Church.

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