Semana Santa #6: Holy Saturday, Waiting

For God alone my soul in silence waits,
Truly my hope is in him (Psalm 62:5)

The awful crucifixion has happened.

The lifeless body of the Savior has been anointed and now entombed.

The resurrection has yet to come.

Too early for Easter lilies and Alleluias.

So the Church waits.

The Church silently waits today.

Its soul in silence waits

Waiting in hope, waiting

…for God to bring Life to life.

…for meaning to be born out of despair

…for light to be lit from darkness

…The Christian life is a cycle of dying and living.

In fact, all of life is a series of dying and living.

The Cross and Easter pervade all of life.

Something is always dying in us or around us

And new life is always born in us or around us…

Yet in between dying and rising, life always waits

Waiting in hope…Waiting in hope for God who brings new life out of death

Sitting quietly by the tombs of life

patiently waiting in hope…

Written by: The Rev. Noel Bordador

Episcopal priest and friend of MCCQC

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