Statement On The Trans-Profiling Of Makati Police

“Project X-Men” of the Makati PNP is a form of discrimination and harrasment against transgender women. This act of profiling transwomen is a serious threat to human dignity and rights.

This is reminiscent of police interference and even memories of brutality before Stone Wall as well as the raids of gay establishments in Metro Manila in the 90s.

We join our voice as a progressive and LGBT-affirming Church with other LGBT+ organizations, networks and allies in condemning this discriminatory policy of Makati Police, whether it is official or not.

We demand that this hateful practice immediately stop.

We also call on the local government of Makati to be intentional and proactive, following the example of Quezon City, to ensure the protection, inclusion and equal treatment of LGBTQI+ persons within the city of Makati.

This is one of the reasons why it is imperative and urgent that our legislators enact tbe SOGIE Equality bill into law.

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