Statement on the Recent Discrimination of a Transwoman in a Shopping Mall in Quezon City

What Ms. Gretchen Diez experienced was one of many and daily forms of harassment and discrimination that many transgender persons experience in the Philippines. What transpired was one of the clearest and most evident expressions of discrimination and transphobia in our Philippine Society.

LGBTQI+ persons, especially Transgender persons are on the receiving end not only of discrimination and harassment but often times of violence and murder as with the case of Ms. Jennifer Laude and many others.

We call upon the full implementation of the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance (ADO) of Quezon City. We call upon the prosecution of all the persons involved in the harassment of Ms. Gretchen. We call upon Mayor Joy Belmonte of Quezon City, a known ally and advocate of the LGBTQI+ community, to give her utmost attention on this incident and to provide the necessary support for Ms. Diez.

We join our voice as a Church community with other LGBTQI+ organizations, communities and individuals in condemning this kind of treatment not only against Ms. Diez but to each and every LGBTQI+ Filipino. We also continue to join our voice for the passage of the SOCIE Anti-Discrimination Bill refilled in the House of Representatives and the in the Senate.

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