#SulongVAKLASH: HolyEquality – SOGIE Equality Bill & Freedom Of Religion

#SulongVAKLASH! Several church groups and conservatives oppose the SOGIE Equality Bill – the bill that seeks to address the discrimination based on one’s sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. These conservatives often cite concerns that the proposed bill “oversteps” on their freedom of religion. They even claim that such a bill is no longer necessary because our existing anti-discrimination law already covers everyone.

But are these claims true? In this webinar, we will debunk the idea that the SOGIE Equality Bill violates freedom of religion, and we will reinforce the discussion on why a SOGIESC-based anti-discrimination law should be implemented in our country.

Our esteemed speakers for this discussion are:

Atty Claire De Leon
Secretary General, Lagablab Network
Executive Director, Babaylanes Inc.

Dr Michael Campos
Professor of Religious Studies, De La Salle University Manila

Dr Jayeel Cornelio, PhD
Professor of Sociology & Director of Developmental Studies, Ateneo De Manila University

Mx Ina Madlangbayan
Legal Researcher, Gabriela Women’s Party

Rev Carleen Nomorosa
HIV Program Coordinator, National Council of Churches in the Philippines

Our moderators are:

Sean Malang
Secretary & Advocacy Officer, Open Table MCC

Rev Joseph San Jose
Pastor, Open Table MCC

With a special message from:

Senator Risa Hontiveros
Author & Sponsor of SOGIE Equality Bill in the Senate

Read the solidarity message of Senator Hontiveros here.

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