Pastoral Letter to Stop the Killings

Let us join in prayer and in prophetic denunciation against the brutal murders in Negros the past days and weeks; the many other killings by the thousands of the poor, including the murder of activists and human rights defenders, one of which is Ryan Hubila, a young LGBTQI+ activist who was gunned down in broad day light.

Together with other denominations and churches, and ecumenical bodies, we call for the immediate STOP of killings as well as the attacks against human rights activists, sectoral leaders and lumad communities.

This impunity and worsening violence MUST END NOW!

Yet, even as leaders and modern day prophets are killed, the work for justice, equality and change will not be killed. Those who have been murdered will rise up by a hundred fold through the bodies of new activists, new prophets and by the people themselves.

As followers of Jesus of Nazareth who was unjustly executed, we must take the side of life, of freedom and of justice.

#StopTheKillings #JusticeNow #ResistTogether #WeWillRise #Negros

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