The Sign Of Times – On Recent Shutdown of ABS-CBN

“There is an evil that I have seen under the sun, as great an error as if it proceeded from the ruler”

Ecclesiastes 10:5

The passage of the draconian Terror Law, the baseless non-renewal of the franchise of ABS-CBN, and the billions of public funds and international loans that have not translated to competent and efficient pandemic response — these and many other actions and inactions by those who rule our land are clear signs of dark and darkening times for the Filipino people.

May nagtanong, “Wala na bang magandang balita sa ating bayan?”

While it’s true that there is greater impunity by fascist and tyrannical forces in government, there is also growing awareness and political engagement among our people, especially the youth. Just a while ago, the top ten trending topics on Twitter Philippines were all related to ABS-CBN. When the Terror Bill passed into law, it also became the top trend on social media. People continue to be outspoken on various platforms despite the threat of state supression and social media trolls. Despite the pandemic and while observing health protocols, people continued to protest in the streets. The growing engagement and resistance of young people together with other sectors should be a sign of hope.

In this ever growing darkness even as we are still struggling with the pandemic, we must hold on to everything that is good and holy. We must hold on to God and to each other in these trying times. Good will prevail. It has done so in the past, and it will do so again. But like in many instances in the past, Goodness and Justice only prevailed because of the people who were willing to rise up, resist, and push back against the overwhelming forces of tyranny.

We grieve with the employees of ABS-CBN. We stand with you and with the whole entertainment, news, and media industries. We pray and hope that ABS-CBN will find ways more than ever to continue serving the Filipino people.
The signs of tyrants are as clear as the noonday sun, but the sign of hope is equally clear: We will resist and push back. Tibayan at palawakin ang hanay. Sulong, Pilipino. ‘Wag papatinag. Tayo ang lunas.

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