#SulongVAKLASH: Holy Equality – SOGIESC and Beyond – Part 2 – SOGIESC Discussion

What is Sexual Orientation? Gender Identity? Gender Expression? Sex characteristics? What does it mean for the LGBTQIA+ movement? As a western concept, how does it overlap on our Filipino culture? What does it mean, and how can it enrich our faith and spirituality?

Part 2 – Discussion on SOGIESC

Speakers for this discussion are:

  • Naomi Fontanos, the Executive Director of GANDA Filipinas
  • Gio Potes, the SOGIESC Officer of UP Diliman Gender Office
  • Koko Alviar, the Advocacy & Publication Officer of Ramento Project for Rights Defenders
  • Sean Malang, the Secretary & Advocacy Officer of Open Table MCC

This discussion is moderated by Rev Joseph San Jose, the pastor of Open Table MCC.

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